Meisje t-shirt: A

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Meisje t-shirt: A


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T-shirt meisje korte mouw. Dankzij 5% elasthan een perfecte pasvorm, ook na vele wasbeurten. Verkrijgbaar in 10 kleuren. Het ontwerp is in de studio nog aan te passen.


Ideaal als basic maar nog leuker wanneer het t-shirtje naar eigen stijl ontworpen is! In een stijl die past bij diegene die het shirtje gaat dragen. Of dat nu een stoere, lieve, grappige of sportieve meisje is. Dit ontwerp kan in onze studio aangepast worden. De shirtjes hebben dankzij 5% elasthan een hele mooie pasvorm die ook na vele wasbeurten perfect blijft. De twee kleinste maten (98-104, 110-116) hebben drukknoopjes op de schouders, de grotere maten niet.

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Design whatever you like, or pick any artwork from our designers. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.


  • Less is more
    Adding your art and texts is fun. Try not to put too much stuff on one side.


  • Your company logo
    Companies just love to add their company logo, which is absolutely doable. However, keep it modest and subtle. Some might mistake your artwork for an advertisement.
  • Some colours don´t match
    The background colour might prevent the text or artwork from showing clearly. For instance, red text on a fuchsia shirt is hardly visible. This is something to consider when designing. esigning. 


  • Matching colours
    For the one-colour artworks, we deliberately selected a limited number of possible colors and combinations, making sure that they match. We offer some basic colours, like marine blue, red, pink et cetera in the first line of colours and some retro colours in the second line. We recommend sticking within a colour palate.


  • Zippers and stitched parts
    Printing on zippers or stitched areas is not a good idea. We simply can not print on top of these.


  • Design size
    The air passes less easily through printed areas. Please consider this when designing.  Do not make the prints too big and consider what the garment will be used for. 

Ordering a unique and personal product with us is easy. If you haven´t got the time to design yourself, just pick a ready-made product and add a bit of imagination and personalisation. Or design from scratch which is really fun and satisfying. Our goal at sorprentas is you to have fun in the process of designing and to offer the highest quality garments and prints. Here´s a step-by-step overview of how we process your order. 


  • Step 1
    After ordering with us, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Any possible remarks on your behalf will be handled by one of our staff. 

  • Step 2
    We check and print the address and make sure nothing is missing. We also check if you opted for gift-wrapping and a personal note which we will include hand written with the order. 

  • Step 3
    Then the printing and cutting of your artwork starts. We have different machines and cutting techniques for an optimal result. Everything will be scaled to the sizes of your artwork. 

  • Step 4
    We check and double check your printed artwork and seal it permanently to the garment using pressure and heat. We carefully position the components of your artwork making it match exactly the way you ordered it. 
  • Step 5
    After sealing the artwork with heat and pressure, we make sure the quality of the process was impeccable. 

  • Step 6
    The product is ready now to be wrapped and prepared for shipping. On shipping you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. 


Every product you order with us is treated with personal attention and care. So you can be assured of receiving a personalised and unique hand crafted product.

In our store you will find loads of opportunities for personalised products for any imaginable occasion. Whether it be a sleeping bag for a newborn baby, funny t-shirts for a bachelor’s party, sweet dresses for a wedding or a shirt for your 80-year-old grandfather´s birthday. 


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