Interested in us selling your designs?

Are you a graphic designer or in any way creative? Think your designs would be awesome and cool to print on fabric? Are you willing to commercialise your artwork through our website and make money? 

The style of your clipart designs needs to be different from what we have on offer now. Yet they do have to match the concept of our website. We'd love to show your work on our website in a unique clipart category that distinguishes itself from the others. Your designs need to be printed on 5 different products at least. Your design collection needs to consist of a minimum of 8 cliparts. They must comply with some technicalities such as vector files (svg) and full color (.jpg) files.

Designers we already work with:


Marieke Vaandrager
Angela Wornfield
Shanna Wanders Designs
Studio Nuria


We share a commission with you on a per sale basis. The size of the commission will vary with the type and number of cliparts you will create for us.

Sounds good? Please send us some of your work in an email or call +31 (0)30 3200925. We speak English, German, Spanish and Dutch.