Is it the same in your house? “Mum, can I have some crisps?” ……. In our house we have a policy about crisps ….. they’re a weekend treat. Sounds fine, right? But it’s never that simple. When the kids start asking for them on a Wednesday afternoon and get the predictable answer; as that sweet little face sadly turns away I hear "It’s not fair” whispered very quietly, but just loud enough so that I can hear it. OK, I also love to sit by a roaring fire, relaxing, tucking into a favourite snack. So in an effort to find a healthier alternative and avoid the muttered complaints, I got onto the internet, had a look, and found Mmmmm courgette crisps with parmesan cheese and garlic. I just had to share this! We can now step out and enjoy a ‘weekend moment’ during the week.