My daughter turned 10 last week and is now "officially" not a little girl anymore (something she reminds me daily as of the past month). That also means that she wanted her dolls to be replaced by posters of 'who-knows-who' pop stars and the pink floral wallpaper was 'for babies, mommy!'. I got the point.... she is growing and ready for a new phase. So I sat down with my oh-so-grown-up daughter in her room for an hour and we discussed a complete make-over. The dolls corner out, a fresh white wall and a real desk in. 'Why such a large desk, mom?' 'Well sweetie, you will get another new responsibility... homework, which is part of being a big girl.'Together we have gained inspiration on the Internet and came to the conclusion that having a proper homework desk in your room is totally awesome. After a drive along grandma's attic, a flea market and IKEA, it took us the weekend to create her room entirely in accordance with wishes. And then, how glad is mom when she tells me without any urging "Mom, I'm going to do my homework!" Mission accomplished!