Team Outfits

Trots op FC Balbini en een beetje trots op ons zelf. Voor deze club van voetbaltrainingen voor kinderen van 3-5 maanden hebben wij het logo, het tenue en de personalisatie van de kleding mogen verzorgen. Kijk die kinderen een lekker spelen! Bekijk hier hoe de FC Balbini kinderen in hun outfitjes bezig zijn: filmpje

Ook interesse in teamkleding, of het nu een standaard tenue is of helemaal customised, laat het ons weten en we doen u graag een voorstel: mail ons

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Christmas Crafts

kert-rompers-tshirtsHere we are again, staying indoors during these dark cold days. Still, I went out to get some extra ‘warmth’ to heat up the atmosphere. I bought candles and hot chocolate but also lots of craft materials - fake snow, paint, cardboard in 5 different colours, glue, fun string, glitter litter and funny Christmas stickers and even more.

Our kids come home from school at 3. Unlike in other countries, we have our proper Christmas meal at lunchtime. So, when they come home, the food is prepared. Just before starting I put on some lovely Christmas music, to just get - sort of - in the mood.

Like every day kids do their homework after lunch. Today I gently ask them if they need help. Not that it is my favourite thing to do with the kids but just to see if we can speed it up because I have my plans for when it is finished.

Fortunate it all goes smoothly, and after an hour it’s time to close the books. Straight after I pull on my boots. "What are you doing, Mom?” I’m being asked by the kids. "We are going into the garden, come on hurry up, we are going to do some art and crafts.” I see their eyebrows go up and realise that maybe first it is better to show them what I have in mind. I grab the i-pad and show them my Sorprentas board on Pinterest. Kids are getting enthusiastic: "Aaaah, yes, oooh, that's nice.” They immediately put on their wellies too and we're ready to go.

Twigs, leaves, acorns and chestnuts, we all gather lots of lovely natural things. With red cheeks we return. I put on a pot of tea, I pick up the paint, the glue and the glitter. I put the music just slightly louder and oh how happy can I be…

And then the oldest accidentally bumps the corner of the table ….. and it all goes all over the floor, yeah! Isn’t she an angel!

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Turning 10

My daughter turned 10 last week and is now "officially" not a little girl anymore (something she reminds me daily as of the past month). That also means that she wanted her dolls to be replaced by posters of 'who-knows-who' pop stars and the pink floral wallpaper was 'for babies, mommy!'. I got the point.... she is growing and ready for a new phase. So I sat down with my oh-so-grown-up daughter in her room for an hour and we discussed a complete make-over. The dolls corner out, a fresh white wall and a real desk in. 'Why such a large desk, mom?' 'Well sweetie, you will get another new responsibility... homework, which is part of being a big girl.'Together we have gained inspiration on the Internet and came to the conclusion that having a proper homework desk in your room is totally awesome. After a drive along grandma's attic, a flea market and IKEA, it took us the weekend to create her room entirely in accordance with wishes. And then, how glad is mom when she tells me without any urging "Mom, I'm going to do my homework!" Mission accomplished!

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Nice to combine with...

Not something you might think of at first, the color grey as the base colour for a baby or small child's room. Yet it’s a beautiful colour that blends perfectly with other hues. Pale ocher or buttercup yellow, but also stronger colours such as turquoise, fuchsia or emerald. For those early years you can decorate the room with a soft color like baby pink or powder blue and as the baby grows perhaps something more lively. So you can update and refresh the room just by changing accessories. There are some beautiful combinations! Bring on the grey!

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Knock knock...

It may look a bit daunting but it’s actually not too difficult to make one of these. With some poles and some sheets or throws you can make a cosy tent for your toddler, schoolgirl or boy, or even teenager. Somewhere private where they can chill out and perhaps unwind with a book or a puzzle. Fun to do this weekend and you’ll make someone very happy!

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Rolling the rolls

We all have them at home, it's just a matter of not chucking them in the bin! Look how creative you can be with a cardboard roll. Fun to do as a craft project with the kids, you just have to get the paint, coloured paper and glue on the table and get to work. We’re so inspired by it we’ve even asked the neighbours to save theirs!!

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Tinkering with clothes pegs

Tinkering with clothes pegs is actually rater good fun and you’ll be amazed by what you can do! A cool plane for a boy, glitter and bows for a girl, you can easily make them yourself. A unique party bag gift at a kid’s party, an advent calendar for Christmas, a photo display or table decoration at a wedding. On Pinterest you’ll find loads of ideas. We’ve created a special board for them. You can find it here:klik hier

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Mindfulness... yeap, when?

So, it all sounds so easy but I bet you occasionally find yourself (once again) facing a layer of seemingly thousands of plastic toys hiding the floor, answering a mother-in-law who wants to know exactly what time you’ll be bringing the kids over next Wednesday, a boss who always pointedly looks at the clock when you get to your desk 5 minutes late, an overflowing laundry basket and a babysitter who cancels that night ... of course you’d like to "do everything you do with love and peace." Easily said. And I’d really, really like to; but how on earth can I? Well, just take a look at the website Already feeling a bit calmer? Nadia Raafat gives courses and workshops for mothers who occasionally (ok, frequently) overtake themselves.

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Weekend crisps on Wednesday...

Is it the same in your house? “Mum, can I have some crisps?” ……. In our house we have a policy about crisps ….. they’re a weekend treat. Sounds fine, right? But it’s never that simple. When the kids start asking for them on a Wednesday afternoon and get the predictable answer; as that sweet little face sadly turns away I hear "It’s not fair” whispered very quietly, but just loud enough so that I can hear it. OK, I also love to sit by a roaring fire, relaxing, tucking into a favourite snack. So in an effort to find a healthier alternative and avoid the muttered complaints, I got onto the internet, had a look, and found Mmmmm courgette crisps with parmesan cheese and garlic. I just had to share this! We can now step out and enjoy a ‘weekend moment’ during the week.


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